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Members' Stories

MultiCare members stood up at Tacoma City Hall for worker rights and joined other health care members advocating the CEO Salary Bill that passed the legislature in 2012.


The new law requires hospitals like MultiCare to report their top non-medical staff salaries.




Barbara Rhodes
QFC Grocery Store Worker



"Being a union member means I can stand up to my employer. It's not about getting special treatment. It is about getting basic respect. Fair pay for hard work. Human dignity. Good health care and retirement. All workers should have this."

Susan Hedman
Downtown Seattle Macy's

"Not all unions are the same. UFCW 21 is a diverse place. Our members are young and old. Men and women. Immigrant and long-time resident. Gay and straight. Experienced and new on the job. It is a struggle to make this diversity work. But it is through struggle that we grow strong. It is not about being perfect today, but striving to be better and stronger tomorrow."

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